The brief

Create a wayfinding system for people with dementia living at Ashley Grange Nursing Home. Someone with dementia will often have a decrease in navigational skills making the transition of moving to the unfamiliar environment of a care home much more difficult.


Community is a dementia wayfinding solution that uses the memorable childhood game of Monopoly to help residents navigate through the care home independently. This project was "Commended and shortlisted" for the creative conscience awards.


Dementia can often make people remember long term memories from their childhood. The game Monopoly became the inspiration for my wayfinding system, recreating road names and using a similar contrasting colour palette and iconography.

The zones

Ashley Grange already has existing zones so I decided to give these zones more memorable names and colours using Monopoly as my inspiration. Each zone would have its only distinct theme so that residents could easily locate their room and other important rooms within the home.


"Monopoly style is great and a really nice way of creating consistency. It also reminds the residents of playing board games with their family and the little memories that perhaps they may have forgotten." Isabel De La Haye- Managing director of Ashley Grange Nursing Home

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