A little bit about me

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer who enjoys engaging with projects that can offer a positive impact on the people and world around us. Through my strategic design process, I have been able to identify, develop and solve problems in new innovative ways. I have extensive expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite and a willingness to learn any new software required. Having graduated in Graphic Design with a First Class Honours degree from Arts University Bournemouth, I am keen to join a creative team to which I can apply my game changing ideas and design skillset.

In addition to my proven design skills, I have three years design experience facilitated through my degree, six months freelancing experience and two design studio placements. During 2019, I interned with Bond& Coyne and Tworivers Partnership where I was able to gain experience working on ideas collaboratively in a highly motivated team. Learning from creatives benefited the accuracy of my outcomes and improved my cognitive process. These experiences further encouraged my organisation which has proven solid in my freelance pursuits. Freelancing since July 2020, I have a skill for communicating with clients, meeting tight deadlines and working proactively to bring a client’s vision to life.


LUSH X AUB Challenge Winner 2020

Creative Conscience Winner 2020

Highly Commended AUB Sustainability Award 2020

Creative Conscience Commended and Shortlisted 2019


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