A little bit about me

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer who enjoys engaging with projects that can offer a positive impact on the people and world around us. Through my strategic design process, I have been able to identify, develop and solve problems in new innovative ways. 

I really enjoy projects where I am able to work with type and layout. As a child with dyslexia, I hated reading and writing. However, as a Designer, I now find myself loving typography because I can take those words and letters and make sense of them in a visual way. 

I have extensive expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite and a willingness to learn any new software required. I graduated in Graphic Design with a First Class Honours degree from Arts University Bournemouth, which paved the way for me obtaining my current Creative Intern position with Bow&Arrow.


LUSH X AUB Challenge Winner 2020

Creative Conscience Winner 2020

Highly Commended AUB Sustainability Award 2020

Creative Conscience Commended and Shortlisted 2019


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