Collaboration Winner 2020


Explore how unpackaged LUSH products could be made more accessible by either changing its shape or size, or if there are any assisting tools that could help with the usage of the product.


The ‘Handle-bar’ is a cork based grip designed to make Lush’s naked product range more accessible to people affected by motor impairment.

After pitching my idea I was invited to do an internship at Lush's UK HQ to explore and test how this product could actually be produced. 

From these photos you can see the first prototype of the 'Handle-bar'. This product is currently not available to buy but if you would to find out more please do get in touch.

Designing the handle

A huge part of the Research and Development Process was to ask questions and test every possible option. After trying a variety of different handles and grips I came to the final prototype for the 'Handle-bar'.


“100% natural, reusable and biodegradable, the Cork Pot is a carbon positive piece of packaging, removing over 33 times its weight in carbon dioxide for every single pot.” - Lush

Lush currently uses cork to make their Cork Pots. My proposal is to use the waste offcuts from this process and use them for my cork handle product. 

Using Format