Client work for Bow & Arrow

The Venture Adventure

Kickoff pack


For over a year people have been working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we get the client excited about going back into the office to start this new project?


This kickoff pack aims to spark excitement of what going back into the real world can be like. With the project focused on building new ventures we wanted to take everyone on a venture adventure!

This pack includes:

-Manifesto poster
-Venture adventure map
-Milestone stickers
-Character cards
-Field notes book 
-Ignite inspiration matchbox

Adventure venture 

This map will help the client track their progress 
through the project, by recording their milestones with
the stickers. The pack consists of two sets of stickers (short and long term goals) and character cards.  

Ignite inspiration cards

With the world opening up, the itch to explore and try
new things is very real for a lot of people. These cards
will hopefully aid the new adventures they plan to go on
and ignite inspiration. 

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